Friday, February 23, 2007

Checkered Board Cake

Here's my Secret:
To make the Checkered board cake you need two colors of cake mix, and two to four round pans (I had two and could only back two layers at a time). Start in the middle of the pan and glob one of the mixes. Try to make a nice round circle. Then with the next mix go around the first glob. You can do as many rings as you want, three has always worked best for me. It kind of looks like a bullseye when you are done. Make sure you make two choc, white, choc layers, and two white, choc, white layers. The cake I made could have been four layers but one of the layers broke. When you cut into the cake it will look like checkers, instead of rings. Genious! I saw this cake in an old Betty Crocker Book. It is easier than it looks, and is always fun to see how it turned out when you cut into the cake. My Rings are never very even, I haven't figured out a way to get them perfect. But it is delicious nontheless!