Sunday, April 29, 2007

Around the House

The boys have really been artists lately. Our back porch is covered with their original artwork. I traced the boys on the fence and we had fun coloring them in.

Juddah adding finishing touches

Here you can see the pictures of the boys. Exact replicas!

Port Angeles Weekend

After working all morning out in our hopelessly ugly yard, Jon and I decided we needed a break from the city. We wanted tall trees, fresh air, and the salty smell of the Straits of Juan De Fuca. When we got to Port Angeles Sarah had an hour before work. So we hung out a little. Then we took Iris and our boys to play at the beach. The three of them had such a great time (I of course left my camera in the car, but I was able to snap some other fun pictures this weekend!) They threw rock after rock into the water. Then after about an hour they all had had enough and we were all so cold. We met up with Charlie and went to the restaurant Sarah works at for some great sea food. The kids did so well sitting and waiting for our food, which of course, makes everything so enjoyable. It was fun to hang out with Charlie. This was the first time I have ever been around him when there wasn't some big event (like a wedding or moving) going on. They convinced us to stay the night at there new house. I was surprised at how easily the boys went to sleep in a strange place, but I think they were rather exhausted. We woke up early this morning. We enjoyed donuts at a very cool park, and then headed back to the big city. It was so fun to be with Sarah and her little family. Their new home totally rocks. I hope they will let us take over their floor space again! Waa hoo for cousins!

Iris and Zion in a hammock

Sarah's and Juddah's heads at the park

Juddah on a cool boat

Zion Climbing with expert persission

Three cousins at the grocery store

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pictures from this week

Juddah singing "Three little Ducks" He is such a rock star

Juddah and Zion in a heart felt rendition of "Monkey See Monkey Do"

My flowers, herbs, and veggies that really need to be planted, maybe at nap time... maybe tomorrow!

Juddah in the office. He likes to play with the camera, and the safest way for all of us is for me to snap a photo and then let him hold the camera and look at it.

Zion is King of the hats. He wants to wear hats all the time.


I feel so good today. Yesterday was another story though. I feel like such a loser. I know I am not a great cook, but I didn't know I was so bad at cooking that I could make my family sick. We had brats, beans and asparagus. The thought makes me cringe. I have never been in such pain. Today I woke up to a train wreck of a house, and energy to spare. The boys seemed happy to have me back, and I was happy to enjoy them, and clean, clean, clean. I think I am going to nix the meat out of our diet for a while. I am just feeling so grossed out by it right now, I don't think I could cook it, much less eat it!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Zion in Mr. Potato Heads glasses

Juddah watering plants in Missouri

Triceratops in Utah

4x4 in Washington

More plants to water in Washington

Grammy is so fun, Utah

Camera Shy

I thought I would post some pictures of pre-move, during move, and post move. I am going to have to do a couple of posts, and they won't be in any particular order.

I am so happy to have my camera back. This week I saw two of my sisters and their families. The boys had so much fun with their cousins. If I would have had my camera at Sarah's house I would have taken pictures of the boys and Iris sitting on the wet soggy grass, the three of them coloring with chalk, and eating lunch on Sarah's new back porch. If I had had the camera when I saw my sister Heather and her family I would have snapped photos of the kids greeting us as we drove into their campsite, the kids throwing rocks into a pond Abby and Peter found, Abby and Peter helping Juddah down the rocky beach, Rick digging clams, and Heather with Christine on her back. We had so much fun visiting everyone. I am so excited to live here on the west coast.

Juddah and Zion in a packed van with cool Easter shades on.

Juddah on Grandma Roberts farm by an old tractor seat

Grandma Roberts showing Zion the spring flowers

Juddah Lindsey, Zion and Grammy at the dinosaur museum

Rand at Grammy and Grampy's house eating some plastic cereal. Yum!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Very Superstitious

Hey it is Friday the 13. Better watch out for black cats, ladders, cracks in the sidewalk. And make sure, be very extremely certain, to always knock on wood, when... hmm, why do people knock on wood? So many superstitions.

Online and feeling fine

Whew, so it has been forever since I have posted anything. You will have to forgive me! Amid all the packing, driving, visiting family, driving, unloading, unpacking, organizing, and getting use to a new sleep schedule (Jon is out the door by 6am) I have been totally exhausted. I feel so guilty because I know Jon is tired too, and I have been taking afternoon naps (and being grumpy to the boys until they go to sleep too) I should mention, sweet delicious afternoon naps, that I wake up all disoriented and hungry from. The layout of our house is so similar to our last house, that when I am waking up, before I have opened my eyes, I forget where I am.

The house here is so great though. I love it. The kitchen has so much storage, I don't know what to do with it. I can't wait to hit up garage sales, and clearance sales for all the small things we need, like toy shelves, hand towel holders, etc. I have been busy making curtains. The windows are wide, but narrow. I hope the curtains don't look too "chinsy". But they work for now, and can be remade, or changed later. I made dark curtains for the boys room, hoping to inspire them to sleep later in the mornings. I want to get on a schedule where I stay awake after Jon leaves, have a quiet morning, and then be ready for the day when the boys wake up. I have stayed awake a couple of times, but like I mentioned before, I have been so tired. I am such a wimp about sleep, I don't know how I survived newborns!

It has been fun to learn how to get around a new town. Auburn is very easy to navigate. Yesterday I even went to Tacoma, and didn't get lost. I am so amazed at how slow and courteously everyone drives. I am use to people racing around me and cutting me off. Everyone drives the speed limit here, and uses there blinkers! Incredible!

Next week I hope to venture to some new sites. Maybe find some neat hikes for me and the boys. We will also make a trip to Sarah's to help her move to her new home. I am so excited to see Sarah. I think her little girl and my boys will have fun too.

***Stay tuned for pictures of our new place (as soon as I get my camera back, ahem ahem.)