Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday Update

Today has been so great. Remember the disastrous music class last week? Well today was much much better. Zion stayed home with Dad, and Juddah and I went to the class. He was a little nervous at first and told me he wasn't feeling good. So we got some water, and went to the bathroom. At first he didn't want to take off his hat or gloves or coat, but I convinced him to atleast take off his hat and gloves. The first song I held him and danced, which is something that most the kids do. Then we all sat and sang a few songs. Then we got the musical instruments out, and he was so excited. He picked out some snapper things first. We were able to use the instruments for three songs, and Juddah picked out a new noise maker for every song. He marched and danced and ran around with the other kids from there on out. I was so happy. I was so proud of him for feeling so comfortable. When we were leaving I said "Juddah I had so much fun, did you?" He said "Yes I can't wait to go back!"
Today was also library day. We picked up Zion, got his coat and hat, some pretzels and headed to story time. The boys had fun at story time. The 10:30 group is huge, and there are lots of boys who also have a hard time sitting still so we fit right in. As I looked around at the kids I noticed the boys squirming, standing, bouncing, wiggling, jumping, and the girls sitting and enjoying the story, why is this? Zion and Juddah also enjoyed coloring with all the kids afterwards.
What a fun day, and so incredibly opposite from last tuesday. I am glad I only took Juddah to music class. I think I will continue leaving Zion at home, atleast until Juddah is a music class pro, and then I can focus on wrangling Zion.
Oh wild-Z...

Splish Splash

We love taking baths. A bath before bed is just the ticket to get the boys settled down and ready to count sheep! The boys are so crazy about taking baths. They painstakingly pick out toys, and they have become very good at helping me get them undressed. When I was pregnant with Juddah I remember reading about getting babies on a routine so they know when bedtime is, and how a bath is a great signal to them to start getting sleepy. Since Juddah was a wee tyke I have religiously given him a nighttime bath. It is great that he loves it so much, and it is so fun to have Zion in the tub too. They are mighty splashers. So mighty I have to close the shower doors so the whole room doesn't get soaked. I am not so much a fan of closing the shower doors, but the boys feel a great since of freedom with them closed, probably because I don't have to hear "keep the water IN the tub" a million times from me. Along with splashing they love to dip the top of their heads in the water, take sips of the water (yuck), and slide on their tummies.

The boys in their towels. Hmm, too bad we only have one duck towel, Wendy! OK if you don't have time to make one, do you wanna send a pattern??

The splash squad just warming up.

I wish I had pictures of the boys firsts baths on this computer so I could post them here. Oh the first bath of the squiggly little baby body. I thought they would be traumatized forever because of it. I think they have forgiven me or forgotten about it, because nowadays they crying come when it is time to get out of the tub. I give a five minute warning, a two minute warning, and a pull the plug and wait for all the water to drain warning. It is hard to stop such a fun activity though, and sometimes there are tears.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wrestle Mania

My Sister Mary just posted a picture of her two kids wrestling, so I thought it would be funny to post some pictures of my boys wrestling. One time I said to Jon "Sheesh I think the boys have entered a wrestling phase." He said "A phase?! How about the rest of their lives!"

Around here it is wrestle mania at all hours of the day. There are many different degrees of wrestling. I try not to interfere as long as no one is crying, and they sound like they are having fun.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What a Disaster!

One of the great things about living in town now is being able to go to so many new "fun" things. We have enjoyed play groups, walks to the park, etc. So a couple of weeks ago I signed us up for our first official kid class.

Juddah and Zion love music. When any kind of music is turned on they both start bouncing and dancing around. I thought a music class would be perfect for us. I knew Juddah would be a little shy, but I thought it would be a good experience for him. After all he will be attending pre-school and kindergarten soon.

So we get our coats off. We get into the circle, and the first song comes on. Zion is running around getting into peoples purses, and baby car seats, and toys. Juddah is glued to my hip. We chase Zion, try and get him to focus on some dance moves. Juddah keeps telling me he NEEDS to go outside. Then the music teacher brings out the fun instruments. Both boys love this part of class. Juddah bangs on a triangle, and Zion uses many different rattles, and drums. The only problem was, was that class as only half over. We had to put the instruments away. Then the box was placed just behing the teacher. Zion was very upset at having to give up his precious new toys. He kept dragging the box around, and I kept picking him up, and trying to get him to participate. Juddah is of course back on my hip (so picking up Zion was tricky.) Then Juddah started crying, screaming in fact that he needed to go outside. He needed to go right now. We stuck it out until the quiet last song came on. Then I calmly got our coats, and marched out to the car with the boys. I could feel all the moms eyes on us as we walked out the door. Oh yeah and the door stand got stuck while I was trying to close the door, so I had to pull the door back and kick up the stand and then close the door again. So embarrassing. Will we go back? Yes we will. But I asked Karen if she would watch Zion next week, so I can just take Juddah. I think Juddah will do better if I can focus on making him feel confident, instead of just chasing Wild-Z around.

But what do you guys think? Should I have left when Juddah started crying? Were we taking away from the rest of the class? Should I just get my money back on the class and try something else?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

GrAy's Anatomy

I am going gray. I am totally going gray. I am only 24 and I have so many gray hairs on my head. Right in the middle on the top. I am always spotting them and pulling them out, and they are hard to pull out. Today I parted my hair on a different side, and oh my gosh, There were millions of gray hairs. I don't mean to freak out, but I can't believe how gray I am. Should I start dyeing my hair? I don't even know how to pick out a color, or anything. Help!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Nap Time Fun

It is so easy to put Zion down for a nap these days. A few minutes of singing and rocking, and I can lay him in his crib and walk out of his room. Juddah has grown out of naps. Instead he enjoys a rest with a movie of his choice. Honestly I am so glad Juddah doesn't need a nap anymore. I made many mistakes with naptime for Juddah, and he required me to lay down with him in order for him to lay down and nap. When Zion was born I vowed not to make the same mistake and I am so grateful, so very very grateful to lay Zion down and have some mid-day "me" time. I can get so much done during these two hours. I can get the laundry done, take out the garbage and recycling, clean up the bathroom, make beds, check out blogs and email, and even watch some TV. It is muy fun. I don't know why I felt like with Juddah I couldn't just lay him down and let him learn how to fall asleep on his own.


Sweet delicious nap time. I'd say it is better than chocolate or ice cream, any day. But If I can have chocolate or ice cream during nap time, now that is heaven.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

With all the ice and cold weather we have been feeding the cows hay in the mornings. We wake up and head to the farm as soon as breakfast is done. Ususally the boys stay with Grandma, but today the weather was a little warmer. We bundled up the boys and headed for the pasture. They were excited to ride in the truck, and splash through the mud. When we got out to the field and out of the truck, the boys were a little shocked at how big the cows seemed. They helped throw hay out of the truck. Juddah made sure all the bale-twine was picked up. Their little cheeks were so red, and their smiles so big! They both fell asleep as soon as we were on our way home. Such an exciting morning.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Music in Motion

Today we were on the move as soon as we woke up. The boys ate breakfast, and I showered. I wrestled Juddah and Zion into many layers of warm clothes, coats, gloves and hats, and we made it out the door with time to spare. We were so excited to dance and make some cool music. Juddah couldn't stop talking about music class last night when I was putting him to bed. When we got the "the Centre" I looked around to see if any other kids and their parents were arriving. We were a little early, so I thought with the cold weather maybe everyone else would be a little late. After we got out of our coats, gloves, and hats, a very offical lady came in and told us that the class had been canceled due to the bad weather. We were bummed. The boys definatly didn't want to re-dress. Couldn't the lady have timed her announcement to the three of us two minutes earlier? We climbed back into the car. And then I remembered that is was Tuesday; Library Day!!! So we went to the library. It was so fun. The group of kids was small, which was great because Zion was "wearing" his dancing shoes and didn't want to sit still for a second. Juddah was able to answer all the questions because he was the oldest at story time. It was so fun. I am glad we went to the library, it has beed since before Christmas that we have gone to Story time.
Next week I will let you all know about "Music in Motion" and hopefully I will remember my camera so I can snap some photos. In the words of Juddah "Chao Baby"

Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter Wonderland

It is so icy and cold out. The trees and fences, and toy trucks we have left outside are all covered in an inch of ice. Driving through our neighborhood I have to swerve to avoid fallen limbs. But it is so beautiful out. Eveything sparkles and shines. It is so wintry outside and so cozy inside.
I have candles and matches ready to go incase the power goes out. We have water, and wood, and lots of food, so we are ready, but no emergency. Our inlaws have not had power for a few days. I think Karen lives for these kinds of times. She has wood and food supply running out her ears. Without electricity, I think she could still make a big dinner with all the "fixins."
Zion and Juddah are so cute bundled up, ready for the cold. They are like marshmellows walking out the door. I feel bad squishing them into their carseats. When I was buckling Zion into his carseat today, I noticed he had slipped on two hats. He is so hat crazy. He always wants to wear a hat. Juddah is the opposite, he always tells me "I not need a hat, it's not cold out."

So here's to my first post! I hope this isn't too lame. I always seem to compose "blog ideas" in my head, but nothing was really coming to me today. Stay warm everyone!