Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Thanks Wendy

It came on Monday. Can't type, must keep reading!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Bumble Bees and Bruises

Look what Juddah found in the backyard! A bumble bee! The bee was just dead, laying right in the grass. Juddah was very concerned for this big bee.

We put the bee into a little cup so we could look at it closely. We were surprised at how furry the bee was. After we were done looking at the bee we put it in our compost pile so nobody would step on it. Someone told me bees can sting even when they are dead.

The other night, while at the park, Zion was acting very independent. He would say "I need to Ruuuunnn!" and would take off down the field. Finally I called to him "Zion come back and play with Mom and Juddah, or we have to go home." So Zion came running back to us at full speed. The only problem was he wasn't watching where he was going, and ran right into bar that was head height. He fell flat on hit back with a big thud. He cried a cried. I felt so bad for the wild little guy. Just goes to show, you should always play by mom, and not wander off! As we walked home he kept saying "I knocked myself out mom. I knocked myself out right here."

When we got home he had a bruise starting to show up on his forehead. It didn't show up in these pictures, but I thought it was funny how happy he was to have his picture taken, even right after he "knocked himself out."

Saturday, August 4, 2007


I "fixed" my sewing machine the other day. Ok, I only thought it was broken. The piece that holds the needle in place fell out one day when I was sewing about two months ago. I thought maybe the sewing maching gods were trying to tell me something because I could not for the life of me figure out how to re-attatch the needle holder thing. Two days ago, I was struck with an idea out of the blue, and was able to repair my machine. Since it was fixed I started day dreaming, and rearraagning furniture in my head to create the perfect sewing room set up. I moved our entry table to hold up the TV, the TV table to be my material cutting station, took books off the bookshelf and unpacked material onto them. Perfect, everything has a place, easy to locate corduroy, or prints, or solids. My dream come true. I have started a few projects, and my skills are a little rusty (not that I was such an expert before.)

I sew mainly patchwork, hippy type clothes, so I need a variety of colors and fabrics in just one piece of clothing. It makes a huge, gigantic mess. In previous sewing spurts of mine, I have used the dining room table as my fabric staging area, and then had to clean it up for every meal and art project. Loosing many tiny, but vital pieces of fabric in the process. I am so thankful to have this extra table, and extra room to sew in. I don't have any where in mind that I am going to be selling clothes like this, but maybe something will pop up; a farmers market, or store, or maybe I will figure out how to make a web-site. I just like having a creative outlet that has nothing to do with being a mom! Oh, did I say that out loud?

A half finished tank top with a flower applique. It will be reversable when it is finished.

My fabric table, what a wonderful mess!

My machines all set up and ready to rock, with the maaterial stacks in the background. Sweetness!